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A Branded Directory Of Optimised Members Websites


Branded Business Website For Each Member / Franchisee

Providing an instant, turn-key solution for businesses, franchise groups or networks of members. Client Source Network In-a-Box solution generates a powerful, optimised directory hub, hosting optimised business websites for all your members/franchisees.

The system offers full-service, highly optimised lead-generation websites to each member and can be branded to represent any organisation. Call tracking technology is implemented across all sites and automatic call-reporting is available.

Complete Custom Branding Solution

The Client Source software is designed to be redesigned! Colour, logos and other design elements can be quickly and seamlessly incorporated into your branded network to match your corporate theme..

Network and Consumer Data

The Client Source in-built network analytics and call-tracking technology track, aggregate and profile your customer-base over time – making it possible to finely hone your consumer-targeting.

An Entire Network Out of Thin Air

It sounds like an exaggeration – but the Client Source Network Solution appears, quite literally, out of thin air. No effort at all is required on the part of business staff or principles. We do all the work.

Always Have Total Control

With access to a back-end that allows authorized staff to update, edit, upload and remove sites and content in moments, the Client Source system makes for full control over all published content across the network.

Server Backup and Hosting

No need to worry about the hosting and maintenance of network data. The Client Source Network Solution securely hosts your member network and synchronises it with all major search engines.

Correct Messaging and Profiling

Communicate seamlessly with your consumers and search engines through the consistent, automated upload of fresh site content and relevant back-links targeting your audience.

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Finely Tuned To Deliver Calls To Your Members


Example Projects


The HomeGuru Network

A network system to facilitate hundreds of conveyancers for HomeGuru, Australia’s premier property appraisal portal.  Click here >

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  • Members pay monthly fees for service
  • Locality based focus
  • Multiple portholes of entry for each member
  • Ranking monitoring technology


[image title="The HomeGuru Conveyancing Network" align="center" icon="zoom" lightbox="true" width="290" height="150"]/wp-content/uploads/project11.jpg[/image]



The YOLC Directory

A comprehensive network of local Chiropractors, comprising hundreds of fully functional high-end business websites. Click here >

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  • Monthly retainer for service model
  • Call tracking technology
  • Congruent with government regulations
  • Daily call reporting


[image title="Chiropractic Network" align="center" icon="zoom" lightbox="true" width="290" height="150"]/wp-content/uploads/project2.jpg[/image]



The Dental Group

A group of independent dentists harnessing the power of economies of scale through traditional media tied to modern technology. Click here >

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  • Virtual network of local dental clinics
  • Increased individual exposure from network
  • Exclusive territories for dentists
  • Analytics and client profiling technology


[image title="The Dental Group Service" align="center" icon="zoom" lightbox="true" width="290" height="150"]/wp-content/uploads/project3.jpg[/image]

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