Targeted Local Search

The Multiple Listings Solution sets up multiple highly optimised, lead-generation portholes, all dedicated exclusively to your attracting you new client business.

Every box is ticked in driving multiple, quality search engine listings over time, to drive new local business to call your business over your competition’s.

Smart Branded Website

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  • Designed to generate page #1 listings
  • Branded new customer generation system
  • Accountable call-reporting and analytics
  • Runs alongside your existing website


[image title="You get multiple listing all over Google" align="center" icon="zoom" lightbox="true" width="290" height="150"]/wp-content/uploads/MULTI-SITE2.jpg[/image]



Multiple Back-Links

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  • Smart referral links created and scheduled
  • Links created from all major online directories
  • Google Places and Google+ profiles created
  • Significantly increased search engine visibility


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